Clinical trial

Have you recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol?

Local doctors are looking for participants between 18-75 with high cholesterol for a research study.

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About the Study

What is High Cholesterol?

Almost 2 in 5 adults in the US have high cholesterol. When you or your loved one have high cholesterol, it can put you at risk for heart diseases and stroke, the two leading causes of death in the US. This study is for individuals whose fasting low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (LDL-C) is between 100 mg/dL and less than 190 mg/dL.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a drug administered alone. This study will help understand the study treatment’s efficacy in patients who cannot/do not take statins. 

Those Who Qualify May:

Receive reimbursement for reasonable travel and expenses
Receive access to health specialists and study related care
Become more familiar with their condition
Experience a potential temporary decrease in cholesterol levels for those assigned to receive the study drug or control drug

Who Qualifies:

Males and females
Ages 18-75
Elevated LDL levels between 100mg/dL and less than 190mg/dL
Not on any lipid lowering therapy

What to Expect

You do not need to have health insurance to participate.

Qualification Process

Take our survey to see if you qualify for a research study for high cholesterol.

The next step is a quick 15-30 min call with one of our team members.

During the Study

Participants in the study will either receive the study drug, a control drug, or a placebo.

The study drug/placebo is administered through an injection under the skin on day 1 and day 90 and the oral medication (control drug/placebo) is taken daily for about 150 days.

The study duration is about 190 days with 3 home visits and 3 clinical visits.

See If You Qualify

Prefer to complete the questionnaire over the phone? Call us at (323) 287-1039 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is clinical research?

Clinical research is the study of health and illness in people. It is the way we learn how to prevent, diagnose, and treat illness. A clinical trial is a type of clinical research.

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a research study designed to understand the safety and effectiveness of a drug, vaccine, or device in order to find new or improved ways to treat, prevent, or detect different health conditions. Participants in a clinical trial may be patients with a specific health condition or healthy individuals, depending on the nature of the research study. Clinical trials are carefully designed, reviewed and completed, and need to be approved by the regulators and ethics committees before they can start. People of all ages can take part in clinical trials, including children when appropriate.

Is it safe to take part in a clinical trial?

Safety of participants is our number one priority. Before starting a study, we extensively plan and obtain various approvals from medical regulators and independent ethics committees, who review all available information to assess potential risks and benefits before deciding whether a trial can go ahead. Throughout the study, participants are under close supervision of highly qualified medical professionals who are responsible for the participants’ ongoing safety. Prior to joining the study, any known side effects and alternatives to participation will be discussed with you as part of the informed consent process, as will the study procedures. Any and all of your questions about participation will be answered, as well. If you were to experience any side effects from your participation in the study, those would also be effectively monitored and addressed.

Will participating in a clinical trial cost me anything?

Participants do not have to pay to participate in a clinical trial. All trial related tests, medication, and treatment will be provided to you at no cost. You may also be compensated for your time and effort.

Can I change my mind about taking part at any point?

Yes. You can leave a clinical trial at any time and for any reason, and you are under no obligation to explain your reason for leaving. If you have any questions or concerns, Lightship’s study team is always available to talk and address any concerns you may have. 

What will you do with my data? 

We take data protection seriously at Lightship. Your personal information is confidential and is stored securely to protect and respect your identity. Prior to joining a study, we will discuss with you what information will be collected and how it will be processed and protected, so that you are fully aware of what happens to your information.

We will never share your personal information with any company outside of Lightship without prior notification and consent. Once you join a trial at Lightship, you will be assigned a unique participant number to make sure that you cannot be identified from your data. Only appropriate study personnel will be able to match your name to this unique participant number. This number will be shared outside of Lightship when necessary, including with the organization sponsoring the research in order for them to analyze study results.

Published results will never identify you, and your confidentiality will be maintained at all times. To learn more about our commitment to protecting your privacy, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Can I tell my doctor about my trial, and will my doctor continue to be involved?

Your doctor may recommend a trial that they think is right for you. If you identify a clinical trial yourself, we recommend you discuss your participation with your doctor, who may be able to support you in understanding the study better and helping you decide whether it is appropriate for you. During the trial, you will be under the care and supervision of the study doctor for all study-related procedures and care; however, you will still see your primary care doctor or specialist as normal for regular care. Lightship’s study team and study doctor are always on hand to talk to you or your doctor if there are any concerns or questions related to a trial.

See If You Qualify

To see if you qualify, please fill in this short screening survey. This will take about 5-7 minutes.
All responses provided in the survey will be treated with confidence.