Lighting the Way in Clinical Research Events, UK Edition: Kristin Croucher at MedCityHQ & Clinical Research Industry Leaders Think Tank

Globally, Lightship leadership takes an active role in sharing insights about virtual-first and hybrid clinical research with industry stakeholders, patients and the public, in various arenas. Kristin Croucher, Vice President Clinical Operations & Delivery is participating in two important upcoming events based in the United Kingdom.

On May 17th, Kristin is a panelist at “Advances in Clinical Trials, Faster and Better Decentralised Trials”, a virtual program organized by MedCity and NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) to promote collaboration between companies and NHS Foundation Trusts. The focus is on shared learning between sites that are currently implementing novel approaches to clinical research. Kristin will be outlining a case study titled “Lightship, A Virtual Clinical Trial Site”. Other presenters include industry experts from Roche and Barts CTU. You can register here.

Kristin will be presenting at an in-person symposium on June 29th, “Site Best Practice & Innovations, Industry Leaders Think Tank” sponsored by the IAOCR (The International Accrediting Organization for Clinical Research). The invitation-only event will report back on clinical trial site standards developed following the joint IAOCR/NIHR meeting in 2018, reviewing the impact of the pandemic on the clinical research enterprise with a lens towards decentralized trials and patient-centricity. Kristin is speaking about “The Third Place – Improving Access, Choice and Equity in Clinical Trials”. Benjamin Benskin, Senior Director, Strategic Client Accounts at Lightship, will be in attendance.  Access program details here.

“It is essential to improve access to clinical trials for all people,” says Kristin Croucher, Vice President Clinical Operations & Delivery at Lightship. “Removing geographic barriers and trial burden through a virtual-first approach to clinical research increases diversity. Providing patients with a choice as to where they would like to be seen, be it at home, at work or in a ‘third place’, makes clinical trials a treatment option for those who would otherwise be excluded.”

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