‘Privates Leading the Disruption in Healthcare’ Conference

David MacMurchy, CEO and Robert Jones, Chief Financial Officer, Lightship, a leading provider of virtual-first and hybrid clinical research services, are presenting at a Goldman Sachs on-campus global event on the changing role of clinical trial development in the age of precision medicine

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 7, 2022 – David MacMurchy, CEO and Robert Jones, Chief Financial Officer, Lightship, are providing key insights into how precision medicine is changing the landscape of clinical trial development at Goldman Sach’s invitation only event “The New Guard: Privates Leading the Disruption in Healthcare” on April 7th.  Lightship is a global virtual-first and hybrid clinical research services provider.

Mr. MacMurchy and Mr. Jones are panelists on “Precision Trials for Precision Medicine: A New Age of Clinical Development,” with other clinical research stakeholders. Topics being discussed include how the clinical research paradigm is changing, leveraging technology to improve clinical trial processes and the evolving role of targeted therapeutics.

“We are looking forward to sharing how Lightship is creating access for patients by breaking down barriers to clinical research participation,” says David MacMurchy. “Scaling inclusion for underrepresented people is essential to developing new medications, treatments and therapies.”

“The concept of decentralized clinical trials is evolving, and Lightship’s approach is to provide patients with choice about where they can receive their clinical research care,” says Robert Jones.


Lightship is leading the way in providing innovative, virtual-first and hybrid clinical research services that create access to clinical trials for all people by removing barriers, scaling inclusion and driving equity in health care. Our flexible delivery model optimizes operational excellence, helmed by colleagues with hundreds of years combined experience in the clinical research enterprise. Learn more at www.lightship.com.

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