They Sky’s the Limit for Virtual-First & Hybrid Clinical Trials: David MacMurchy on “Ian King Live”

Lightship CEO David MacMurchy on “Ian King Live” on Sky News

Lightship CEO David MacMurchy shared insights about virtual-first and hybrid clinical trials on “Ian King Live” on Sky News on Tuesday, April 12th. The popular London-based program covers the latest business and economic stories and has robust international reach. The segment covered how patients benefit from a flexible approach to clinical care and how Lightship is scaling access for participants by providing choice as to where they can receive their clinical trial.

“Our mission is to create access for all patients. One of the reasons people don’t participate in a clinical trial is because they don’t live near a hospital. We are creating an organization which allows patients to access clinical care wherever they are. So if you live in the highlands of Scotland, if you live in central London, if you live in the middle of Idaho, or if you live in Manhattan, you can be part of a Lightship clinical trial,” said David.

While the traditional brick and mortar model of clinical research, conducted at a site, is not holding back the progress of medical advances, a virtual-first and hybrid approach dramatically increases the number of potential participants who can be part of a clinical trial. Breaking down the geographic barriers drives equity and diversity across the clinical research enterprise.

“One of the things we have been excited about is watching the whole industry move to a much more patient-centric model over the past fifteen to twenty years. And now Lightship is at the forefront of that movement,” said David.

You can view the entire interview here.

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