Virtual Clinical Trial Design and Execution

Comprehensive clinical trial infrastructure from clinical trial design to study closeout

Delivering the Future of Clinical Trials

The pace of medical innovation should not be limited by traditional clinical trial approaches. Today’s innovations require new kinds of solutions.

At Lightship, we’re evolving clinical trials beyond the site-only approach and leveraging technology to improve traditional processes. We ease the patient burden and remove barriers to participation, while delivering a more effective solution to clinical trial sponsors. This is how we’re building the future of clinical trials.

Simple, Efficient, Flexible Clinical Trial Protocol Design Options

At Lightship, we give you flexible options in protocol design that provide support across the clinical trial eco-system. Whether you’d like to execute a fully virtual trial or leverage physical site infrastructure, we can uniquely configure a solution that delivers the right approach for your clinical trial.

Value-Added Clinical Research Design

Lightship works closely with your team and stakeholders, offering value-added support and advice at every step of the process.

Program Fit

Coordinating across functions from the protocol design stages through completion

Study Development

Experienced consultants help you weigh your options and optimize choices

Market Research

Supporting clinical research design with data on patient interest and availability

Business Case

Building cost constraints and timing demands into the protocol design

Regulatory Planning

Facilitating engagement with health authorities ensure regulatory compliance

Study Assessment

Providing a clear operational proposal, scope of work, budget, and timeline

We Set Up Our Partners for a Successful Clinical Trial

We ensure that our sponsors have all the tools they need to run a clinical virtual trial

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