The Lightship Approach

Our approach provides patients a continuous experience by engaging through one seamless platform and process that starts with direct digital engagement and continues through trial conduct and study completion. Furthermore, our approach in Direct-to-Patient trials allows for patients to remain engaged with their current healthcare providers while taking part in the study. Lightship’s role within the clinical trial ecosystem is as a single decentralized study site which enrolls patients into studies at a scale much faster than a traditional site and at an unlimited number.

Access for patients from anywhere


A Seamless Experience

Alongside our scaled clinical operations, we provide professional services of design and advisory, centralized patient recruitment, a technology platform, and study management to ensure compliant study conduct and a seamless experience for our sponsors and patients. From the inception of Lightship, our organization and infrastructure have been built with an underlying commitment to quality and patient safety through our robust quality management system, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), adherence to Good Clinical Practice(GCP) and applicable regulations (i.e., HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and regulated professional and business codes).

Our Innovative Technology

The Lightship App
Our end to end tech platform allows us to work with patients from the first interest they show in a clinical study through to close out and beyond. Our technology empowers patients to take control of their study participation and allows us to provide world class interactions with investigators, nurses and coordinators.

One Site. National Coverage.

Our role as a single decentralized site, within the clinical trial ecosystem, allows us to enroll patients into studies at a scale much faster than a traditional site. The Lightship model not only reduces timelines, but it contains several cost advantages. Costs related to site selection, contracting and administration are significantly reduced in the Lightship model as Lightship is one single site with a vast reach across the country. Lightship clinics are selected based on market research and patient insight analyses and are set up as satellite research locations.

Our Clinicians

Lightship prides itself on putting the patient first. That’s why we have hand selected highly trained and qualified individuals to lead our Clinical Operations team. Our team is comprised of investigators with multiple years of participation in sponsored clinical trials and experienced study coordinators with GCP, HIPAA and IATA training. Along with our study manager, these individuals will lead study operations and act as a resource to all patients during the clinical trial.

Together, we will bring life-saving medicines to new populations.
Together, we will get your therapies approved faster.
And together, we will create the future of clinical trials.