The Future of the Clinical Trial Is a Team Effort

Building strong partnerships and customized virtual clinical trial protocol designs

Clinical research that is transformational

As executives with deep experience in every aspect of designing and running clinical trials, we knew first-hand that clinical research is too slow, too expensive, and too complex. The pace of modern medicine cannot be hindered by inefficient clinical trials.

We are here to drive clinical research forward. We founded Lightship in 2018 with the inspiration to rethink every aspect of the clinical trial. We apply the latest innovations in digital health, telemedicine, and remote care for models that transform clinical research.

We know that every clinical trial is different, and we have the ability to adapt accordingly. We offer a highly configurable virtual clinical trial platform, from partially to fully virtual, in order to accommodate the needs of your specific protocol.

We work with you to design virtual health research that meets your unique needs and then follow through with an exceptional direct-to-patient experience.

Leading the Future of Clinical Research

We’ve assembled a multidisciplinary team that brings a unique perspective to clinical trial execution. Our leaders have successful track records in pharmaceuticals, contract research organizations, telemedicine and virtual clinical trials, and digital healthcare technologies.

Our Values

  • We believe in people.
  • We embrace change.
  • We serve others.
  • We make an impact.

Transformational Opportunities

We are looking for people with a focus on better clinical trial results, a passion for improving the patient experience, and the vision to innovate with digital health technologies.

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