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Driving Access Through Hybrid Trial Design Case Study

In this case study, discover how Lightship expanded geographic reach and representation through a hybrid trial design.

Which Companies Will Last? Success Begins With the Basics

Get insights from Lightship’s experts on the factors that drive long-term success for clinical research start-ups.

Rethinking Clinical Trial Engagement Through Collaboration

Explore Lightship’s collaboration with Acclinate and our approach to clinical trial engagement in this presentation.

Keeping Up with ClinOps: Why and How to Improve Delivery

Join Medable, GSK, and Lightship's Sepehr Shojaei for a panel discussion on how a trial platform as a service can enhance, expedite, and improve the day-to-day operations of clinical operations across the life cycle of a study.  

Patient Centricity Meets Clinical Research: Next Gen Models in Pharma Innovation

Join Define Ventures' life sciences forum, Patient Centricity Meets Clinical Research: Next Gen Models in Pharma Innovation and David MacMurchy, CEO of Lightship on Sept. 12th at 9am PT. During this panel, we will be unpacking how technology and consumer-first thinking can be implemented by sponsors, CROs, and startups to drive value for patients and the broader pharma ecosystem.

Diversity, Digitalisation, and Decentralisation

Lightship co-founder Samantha Eells was featured in the Women In Pharma supplement of International Clinical Trials (Samedan Ltd). Click through for a thoughtful discussion about the impact of decentralization on clinical trial diversity.

Improving Access to Clinical Trials: A Conversation with Lightship Co-founder Sam Eells

Clinical trials play a pivotal role in advancing medicine and public health. However, traditional clinical trials often fail to provide adequate access and representation for diverse populations. In the latest episode of the HealthBiz Podcast, Samantha Eells — co-founder of Lightship — discussed her journey to revolutionizing clinical trials and improving the patient experience. Lightship aims to make clinical trials more accessible and patient-centric, with a focus on addressing health disparities.

The Spark x Samantha Eells | Bringing a Humanistic Approach to Patient Recruitment

Listen to Samantha Eells- Co-founder of Lightship, share her thoughts on tailoring recruitment strategies to meet patients' needs for successful trials in The Spark's latest podcast episode.

Lightship® Oncology Clinical Trials Operating Model Review With FDA Positions a More Patient-Centric Approach

Lightship Inc. announces meeting with FDA’s Digital Health Technologies Steering Committee to review approaches to create more access and choice for oncology patients taking part in clinical research.

New Initiative to Improve Diversity in Clinical Trials

The nonprofit Digital Medicine Society and industry collaborators, including Lightship, have launched anew resource platform designed to advance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in digitized clinical trials.

To Drive Trial Diversity, Lightship is Bringing Them to the Patient

For Lightship, increasing patient access to clinical trials is about meeting them where they are — literally.