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H1 and Lightship Partner to Accelerate Clinical Studies with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Data

Leveraging H1’s Trial Landscape solution, Lightship will incorporate important diversity data into its clinical trials process, bringing life-changing therapies to a more diverse patient population.

Lightship Celebrates Clinical Trials Day

On May 20th, we celebrate Clinical Trials Day. But first, let’s take a trip back in time...


Virtual-First Clinical Trials: Changing Where Clinical Research Happens

Lightship has a virtual-first and hybrid approach to clinical research. But what exactly does that mean for patients and care partners? All regulations and patient protections remain the same.  

Samantha Eells & Kristin Croucher on the “Third Place” in Clinical Trials: SCOPE EU 2022

Prioritizing patient choice in clinical research means meeting people where they are and breaking down the barriers that prevent underrepresented groups from participating in clinical trials.

TGIF-DCT: DCTs and Traditional Sites - Friend or Foe?

At the dawn of decentralized trials, the model was perceived as a threat to the site. Is that still the case? How do these models coexist and succeed?

Lightship One of America’s Best Startup Employers

Forbes, in partnership with Statista, named Lightship as one of the best startup employers in their fourth annual ranking of the best up-and-coming companies to work for in the U.S.

Lightship Raises $40 Million to Bring Clinical Trials to Every Patient in Need.

Lightship, the leading virtual-first provider of clinical trials, today announced that it has raised $40 million to create access to clinical research for all patients, and improving diversity among patient groups taking part in clinical trials around the world.

It’s a Matter of Choice: Hybrid eConsent for On-Site or Remote Patient Enrollment

In this webinar, thought leaders Derk Arts, CEO of Castor, Samantha Eells, Founder of Lightship, and Jennifer Arters, Patient Advocate discuss opportunities that will help researchers develop a more successful overall strategy for their patient enrollment.

B-Time Episode 38: Understanding Remote Clinical Trials with Lightship CEO David MacMurchy

Expanding Patient Access and Increasing Speed To Market With Remote Clinical Trials Description: David MacMurchy, CEO of Lightship a company that organizes and manages remote clinical trials discusses remote clinical trials and how they can increase speed to market while maintaining patient safety.